Shannan Gilbert

December 17, 2011

December 17th, 2011

Bones found in a coastal wetland on Long Island last week are the remains of Shannan Gilbert, a missing woman who worked as a prostitute, investigators confirmed Saturday.

Ms. Gilbert, who was from New Jersey, disappeared in May 2010 after fleeing from a client’s home in Oak Beach, a small community on one of the barrier islands that line Long Island’s Atlantic coast.

She was last seen racing into the night toward the marsh where her remains were discovered Tuesday.

The Suffolk County police announced on Tuesday that they were all but certain they had found Ms. Gilbert’s body. On Saturday, the department said the county’s medical examiner had confirmed its suspicion. A cause of death was not yet determined.




crime scene Exclusive!

These are the unanswered questions behind Shannan Gilbert’s disappearance. Before she went missing May 1, 2010, Shannan’s final hours were spent at a beach community in Oak Island, New York.  She wasn’t there to play, she was a working girl and had answered a call for sex.  Her final minutes were filled with terror.

We focus on the key players who may hold the clues to solving this case.


Dr Peter Hackett

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Dr. Peter Hackett |

Key Questions:

  • Was he the last person to see Shannan alive?
  • Did he work as the self-proclaimed security guard of the Oak Beach gated community where Shannan was last seen?
  • What is the story behind his mysterious phone call to Shannan’s mother?
  • Did he tell Mari he got her phone number from Shannan because he required a family contact number, “to let her stay at his shelter home.”
  • Why did he deny that call at a later date when Shannan’s sisters came to visit ?
  • Why did he later deny letting Shannan stay there that night?
  • Why is the gated community’s security videotape missing from that night of Shannan’s disappearance?

Joseph Brewer – 46 year old alleged john

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Joseph Brewer |
  • Reportedly purchased Shannan’s services via Craigslist.
  • Shannan dropped off at his home – 8 The Fairway, Oak Island, New York  – at approximately 2 AM May 1, 2010  
  • Claims Shannan left his house “hysterical”
  • Lie detector test  “inconclusive”
  • Repeatedly denied involvement
  • PD has not said he is a suspect
  • Moved from neighborhood shortly after police raided his house  
  • Brewer’s family owns many homes on Long Island  

 Key Questions:  Why isn’t Brewer targeted for human-trafficking ???


According to Robin Sax, Attorney, former Sex Crime Prosecutor, and expert on human trafficking, Brewer should be held responsible under the FederalTrafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000. 

Says Sax,  “We know he bought Shannan’s sexual services. That makes him a john. This guy would not only be on my radar, but by now, he should be charged for sexual exploitation. TVPA applies to the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for the purpose of a commercial sex act.  The fact this hasn’t happened is outrageous and an insult to Shannan’s family.”

Michael M. Pak Age: 41 years old

The Driver – brought Shannan to Brewer’s house the night she was last seen. 

Key Questions: What does Pak know about Shannan’s night of terror?

 Why did Shannan call him repeatedly between 3:00 – 4:00 AM just before she went missing?

  • What did Shannan tell him -each call lasts between 1 and 6 minutes?
  • Was Pak there when Shannan ran from Brewer’s home screaming?
  • Did he see her knock on a neighbor’s door begging for help?
  • What does he know about Shannan’s 23 minute call to 911?
  • Did he attend the party at Brewer’s house ?
  • Were Shannan and Michael starting their own escort business before she went missing?
  • Why did he leave the area and move to Georgia ?

Shannan’s mysterious calls – to 911 and her driver


Shannan’s Phone Records



05/01/10 4:51 AM 911-000-0000 Emergency, 23

05/01/10 4:09 AM NEW YORK,NY 1 Michael Pak

05/01/10 3:15 AM NEW YORK,NY 2 Michael Pak

05/01/10 3:13 AM Incoming, 1 Michael Pak

05/01/10 3:04 AM NEW YORK,NY 6 Michael Pak

05/01/10 3:00 AM Incoming, 3 Michael Pak

05/01/10 2:57 AM NEW YORK,NY 3 Michael Pak

05/01/10 2:55 AM BABYLON,NY 1 Oak Beach CVS


05/01/10 12:25 AM NEW YORK,NY 1 Michael Pak

05/01/10 12:23 AM NEW YORK,NY 2 Michael Pak

05/01/10 12:20 AM NEW YORK,NY 3 Michael Pak

04/30/10 10:02 PM NEW YORK,NY 2 Michael Pak


Key unanswered questions:

  • Shannan’s earring was found in front of J. Brewer’s house by her sisters (PD missed this)
  • Detectives recovered Shannan’s jacket in the brush where she had run early in their initial search, but now tell the family “it’s lost.” They also say they don’t have her purse, ID, cell phone.